Monday, April 27, 2015

5 Best Restaurants in Jaipur

I love food as much as I love travelling and one thing I do explore about a place is its food culture. If you really want to know the core of any city then eat away in glory and do not count calories. And forget about searching for the fast food options, here is just enjoying the city as much as the food here. And Jaipur will gives you so many options, you have to pick and choose. 


If making breakfast in the morning is not your thing then go ahead and head to this very interesting mix of restaurant. The entrance is lovely and will give you a homely feeling, maintaining the look of a road side tea stall. The elegant woodwork and the amazing view of the Central Park will give your morning a swift kick start. The menu that we ordered was a bowl Maggie, Beans on Papad, Aloo paranthas, paneer paranthas, masala omlette and lots of chai. The menu might confuse you in the beginning if you are used to the usual Indian menu. You will usually find jogger coming down here for fresh light breakfast.

WHERE | 43, Tonk Road, Everest Colony, Lal Kothi, Jaipur

CONTACT | 0141 410 1712
Cost of per person| 300 rs


This is place where you get Pyaz Ki Kachori and I mean the best ones! Its always a best time to get this quick snack on your way too. And its costs only 8 Rs a piece. There will always be a good crowd at the counter but the wait isn't long. There is also a restuarant that serves traditional rajhasthani food- Dal Bhaathi Churma. The food is a little spicy for m

WHERE| Station Rd, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

CONTACT| 0141 236 1535


At the center of the shopping area, Handi is the best place to fulfill your non-vegetarian cravings. Their butter chicken is really good, if you want a personal recommendation. The setting is given of a mud house that seen in villages and the crowd is pretty decent too.

WHERE|  Maya Mansion, Opp GPO, MI Rd, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

CONTACT|0  141 237 2275
Cost per head| 200rs


This is how you celebrate royalty in Jaipur. And we choose this place to celebrate my husband's birthday. Steam literally means a train that was a personal carriage of the royalty of Rajhasthan. The train reminded me of the movie The Burning Train but of course the good part of the movie. And you could either book the coupe inside if you love to sit inside the train and eat or outside if you like the view of the palace of Rambhag. Almost everything we ordered so good. Though I would avoid the soups because the shorbas are not that appetizing. Do try the chicken wings, they are juicy in the KFC style.

WHERE| Taj Rambhagh palace, C Scheme, Jaipur


100 % Rock

If you love great food and music together then this is the place for you. Not exactly for a family this place serves some really good food. The college crowd is forever here till late in the night and if you like some time away for yourselves then come here to eat and dance the night away.

WHERE| HOTEL SHIKHA, R-14, Yudhishthir Marg, C-Scheme, Behind Secretariat, Opposite Deer Park, Jaipur

CONTACT| 080036 01234

Here are some of the places you could enjoy while visiting the place. And don't forget to reach out for more than you bargained for, After all holidays are for fun, not for rules!


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    1. Thx Anjali. Have u been to Jaipur? Its an amazing city

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