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Best pediatric services in Hyderabad

The worst feeling in the world is when your child gets sick and you feel helpless to make him feel better. The only way that you could placate yourself is to find the best doctor you can, so that your child is up and running in no time. Getting yourself a good pediatrician is very important because you have this constant source of support medically and whom you could depend on. Hyderabad has some of the best pediatricians and child specialists that are not only good but also master in their trade.

Dr Shivranjini Santosh
One of the most elite hospitals in Hyderabad where you don’t have always get your doctor, Birthplace is popular in keeping its patients happy. And Dr Shivranjini is one of those who believe in taking care of her patients with a kind smile. She doesn’t believe in unnecessary medications either. Among all the child specialists in Hyderabad, Dr Shivarnajini could definitely be a good choice. 
Where| Birthplace, Jubliee Hills 8-2-277/B/1, Road No. 2, Venkat Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Contact| 040 6713 9999

Dr Sudhakar Rao
 He specializes in infant and child care and one of the top doctors to treat children in NICU and PICU at the Rainbow Hospital. He takes his time getting to know his patient first and his prescription works every time. He works both at the Vikrampuri and Banjara Hills branch so be sure to take an appointment because you wouldn’t want to miss him. And when it comes to choosing from pediatrcis in Hyderabad, he is definitely a favorite among his patients .

Where| Ranibow Hospitals, 22, Road No - 4, (old road no-10), Karvy Lanes, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Contact| 40-2331 9191

Dr Shiv Narayan Reddy
A very calm and relaxed doctor is what you need when you enter a clinic. And Dr Reddy is that guy. He will give you excellent advice and avoid giving you heavy medications that would effect the child in the longer run. And he gives his time to both the Vikrampuri Branch and Banjara Hills Branch. Rainbow hospitals have the best team working for them, so you don't really have to worry when it comes to taking care of your child. 

Where| Rainbow Hospital, Plot # C17, Vikrampuri Colony, Secunderabad
Contact| 040-2789 5050

Dr Girija Krishna

One of the oldest hospitals in Hyderabad, the doctors in this hospital are well known. Dr Giriji is one of the one them. She is believed to be one of the best doctors in Hyderabad when it comes to Pediatrics. Her patients are usually very loyal and she definitely has a way of charming her little patients as well.  Also her medicines are mild which works well with your child.  

Where| Basant Sahney, West Maredpalley
Contact| 040- 27801765

Dr IJS Gulati

One of the oldest pediatricians in Hyderabad since 1972, his medicines work like magic with the kids. He has his clinic and has quiet a crowd coming since years now. He gives his time to his patients too, enquiring politely about their ailments. He also runs a clinic from home which is very convenient if you live around the area. 

Where| Plot Number 1, Nanu Ram Colony, Near Punjab National Bank, Lalbazar Trimulgherry

These are some of the doctors that you should keep in your contact list for any kind of emergencies. Taking an appointment is usually the procedure because then you would not have to wait for your turn as you know how children get restless, especially sick ones.


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