Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crash the Pepsi IPL- Funny and quirky ads

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”

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Can a mom have a little fun? She toils hard, gives up her sleep time because its your exams and wakes up early to make that perfect tiffin box for her husband. A mother is the epitome of sacrifice and here is a fun ad to make your day if you are dealing with busy office going husbands, children who are more in their friend's place than theirs and other children who just want mom everywhere around them. But does that mean a mother cannot have fun? That's the underlying question and this brilliantly made ad is funny, quirky and an absolute delight for someone like me.

The actress is amazing who plays the role of a mom. She has secretly stashed her own pepsi and when everyone leaves her alone, she even enjoys a little cricket in solitude. So cricket doesn't have to be about everyone. Its you who could enjoy with your little sips of joy in pepsi.

Now what's the combination of an Indian Wedding Night to watching cricket? Its just holding a tin of pepsi that makes everything so erotic. If ads like frooti can be made aphrodisiac then why not a chilled sip of pepsi?  And thats what makes someone hook to this ad. Adverts with 'suhagraat' theme is pretty famous and it gets the most viewers too. 
Well, I never remember anyone running for a condom just before the 'act' (How completely unplanned!) But this ad just makes us laugh at the silliness of it.  Could it have been made better? No. The ad has been kept short without making us guess what happens in the end.

Selecting hearing only for pepsi? Here is one ad that favors the brand instead of water. If you are an IPL fan then pepsi and cricket goes together. No questions asked! Personally i would have bashed the guy for being so rude but its a fantasy ad and it does aim to impress. It also distinguishes the two diet and the normal pepsi. And has reached as a finalist to have done that. The actors are good and I can actually predict the guy with selective hearing going in for more ads.

An excellent opportunity given to the IPL match viewers and I think i am addicted to them more than the IPL itself. So these are a few that I liked and enjoyed because I like ads to be fun and not melo dramatic and after all cricket is also a game to be enjoyed so chill and live a little.

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