Sunday, January 31, 2016

5 Books Every Toddler should Be Read to

I have always been in search for some books for my son and after trying several books, I have found these to be the best.  Although I could explore more since he almost four but I am pretty comfortable having these on his shelf right now. Some books come with CDs and you can play it with the pretty background music and dialogues that would be great once in a while. And if music is for the ears then words and pictures are for the eyes. 
Now if you want your toddler to develop the habit of holding a book to read and build a few new words every now and then then be sure to pick up these books with interesting theme and story line.

Shark In The Park by NICK SHARRATT: Children love aqcuatic fishes and the scarier they are, the more interesting they become. This is one such book where you will find a little boy who has just got a telescope for a present, exploring the park for a shark. So many times he think he found it but no such luck. The suspence in the end is good and gets a laugh out of my son every time. Add it to your collection for sure!

Peppa Pig: The series of Peppa Pig and the family are always on an adventure. They have something of the other going on in the family. They play in the snow or meet the Santa Claus, They have guests over and its so much fun to follow whats happening in their lives. I like all the books. Choose the themes that your child would be most interested in.

Green Eggs And Ham by Dr Seuss : Now this one I first heart it on Youtube and found it so refreshingly different.  Words like ‘Could Not, ‘Would not’, “Would you”, “Could you” and several other new words that you could teach your kids in a fun way. The grumpy cat doesn’t want to taste the green eggs and ham and keeps refusing. Does he actually have a taste in the end? How to teach your kids to try different things in life would actually put a smile on your face.

The Hungry Catepillar by ERIC CARLE: The little catepillar id really hungry and trying to find something to eat. Does he find something at last? And what happened in the end? He does eat a bunch of things that you could explain to your child and its great to know what hunger is.

Where’s Spot by ERIC HILL:  Sallly, the dog trying to find Spot. Who is spot? Why is she trying to find Spot? And words like UNDER, IN, ON, INSIDE, UP, all are very good to add in the vocabulary. You also come to know of different animals and learn their names.

The best time to read to your child is when he really interested in the books. It would be great if he picks the one he is interested in. Let me know if your kid reads any other books and I hope to check then out since more books are always welcome.

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  1. Good choice for toddlers. My nephew enjoys Mick Inkpen's books. :)
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