Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 Peppy Outfits Every Girl Should have!

When it comes to dressing up, we all know that girls need a change of outfit to match their moods. And Here are the five outfits that every girl should have that could also be a staples for your wardrobe. Although I love writing, fashion is something that will always pull me in. 

A flowy Skirt:

If you want to give your feminine side a go, then skirts will make you feel like a princess. And who said you can only wear them at formals or family functions? All you need is a casual top and you are ready to give your skirt a little outing. I prefer to wear a crop top to go with this. 

A funky Scarf: 

If you want to look peppy with a plain outfit then you know that a scarf would do the trick. Even if you are not much of a jewellery person, the scarf will do the trick of completing your outfit. You don't have to spend a lot of it and pick a peppy design that would go with most of your wear. 

A Crop Top:

The one I am wearing goes with my skirts and with my sarees. In fact it's so versatile that I just love it! Obviously you can pair it with some funky jewellery and you will have an amazing outfit to go out. 

Flower patterns:

If you are living in 2016 then you should know that flowers as a pattern is really in. I love the monochrome still but this out just wins my heart. It feels girly yet sophisticated and with so many outfits like lehengas, Sarees, tops and ktrties as an option, flowers truly are here to stay. 


The most important thing we always forget is sunglasses when we are out. Scientifically it helps us from the UV rays, keeping us protected from the harsh sun. Of course one more thing we wear it because it enhances and completes an outfit. Don't go for the usual sunglasses and opt for wafers or Lenon glasses. It adds to the quotient and you look amazing!

Now that you have the list of things that you should add in your wardrobe, be sure to shop with caution and buy what you could carry off with most of your clothes. I won't lie, I am a hoarder. I am really working on that and not buying just because I want to. I buy when I have to. Occasionally choosing something that could go with several outfits and help me save some money. But its not necessary to go with the trends sometimes. If you have a style that you don't want to change then just add it somewhere in a small way to sparked your outfit. You will like the newness and it won't be long before you start loving the look!

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