Saturday, January 30, 2016

Music And Love- Ek Choti Si Love Story (Part 1)

“Oh look he is here again”.

Two very wise aunties sat at a very conspicable space, eyeing the crowd with such minuteness that it would scare the hell out of anyone out there. Especially when they were trying really hard to find a groom for Tia, their beloved grand daughter.

“You mean he still attends all the weddings of the family”.

“Duh!” Sharmila, the elder one rolled her eyes, “I saw him at his cousin’s wedding last year. And this is his brother’s wedding. Why would he miss that?”

“Unless he still has feelings for our Tia?”

“Oh please, keep them away. The last time they fought, Tia had almost ripped the poor man’s hair. And Viaan had left immediately”.

“He didn’t harm the girl, did he?”

“No. He is not the voilent types. At the most he yells. That’s his thing but its pretty scary”, she shuddered at the memory when the boy had given her a piece of his mind.

“And still he is here”.

“So is Tia. She could have avoided this situation”.

“Its her best friend. Come on. I am sure they even shared a cigarette at one of those slumber parties they had”.
And the boys were caught watching them. Tia and Viaan shared a long history. They were neighbors, studied the same school, played music together, went abroad together and then came back angry at each other. Everyone had almost imagined how their wedding was going to be. Only it didn’t happen. They ended up hating each other.

“Its common to be angry with men. They are such assholes at times”.

“You have been widowed long back, Sharmila”, Kammo was trying to sound wiser, “I have been married for bloody 50 years. The man just ate my brain by his constant pesturing. In fact now that I remember those times, I prefer Tia to be single. All her life. And smoke cigarettes”.

“You are a terrible Nani”, Sharmila whispered, “Anyway from what I heard, Viaan is seeing someone. And he plans to marry her”.

“Viaan is not a believer of marriage, he would do without it, if he gets what he wants”.

“Come on. He is not a playboy”.

“But he does have a reputation of helping women out and that pisses off Tia”.
They could see them eyeing each other. And sighed with impatience. It was just love waiting to happen. Another wedding in the house will be so exciting!

"Viaan, how good to see you!" A lovely woman in her late 20's hugged him and he backed away, feeling awkward, "Why, still the shy guy!"

"Come on, Reena, you know thats not it. Your husband's watching".

"So? Let him. He doesn't know how much you have helped me in life. You are like a God to me", she hugged him again and he rolled his eyes. 

"I need to get a drink", he slid away from her tight embrace and went to the open bar. This was the good thing about being at a Punjabi wedding. There was always liquor. 
And Tia. 

"Who was that?" Tia looked flushed and relayed pissed at something. If he thought about it, he was really pissed at her too. And boy did that hair was supposed to fall off her bun like that? What if he just tried to pull them up?

"A friend. We worked together".

"Just worked?"
He was distracted with her hair. She had some gold highlights done and it looked amazing on her. She always glowed that way. 

"Why are you drinking like its your last day?"

"I fought with mom about moving out".
That was news!

"Don't look at me like that! I am 28 and earn pretty well. I do think I need to live by myself once in my lifetime at least".

"Hey am I even arguing?"

" have that look in your eyes..."
Her Kajal was getting in the way. She really did need to hang out in the washroom and get straightened out. 

"Lets' go", he whispered in her ear and she shivered. 

(To be continued...)

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