Saturday, January 30, 2016

Music And Love- Ek Choti Si Love Story (Part 2)

The washroom was empty. And spacious. Enough for her to puke her brains out. Tia didn't know what was wrong with her. Until she saw Viaan. The man she had been friends with all her life. Hell, she even remembered showering with the garden pipe together after the holi celebrations. How old were they? Nine right?

"You can't handle alcohol. How many times have I told you?"

"And how many times have I asked you to back-off!" Tia couldn't talk. She chocked. And when the slimy vomit was out of her mouth and stuck in a really bad way, she wished the earth swallowed her.

"Here, have this", And she felt cool water washing her queasiness away, He pushed her hair away and she felt his palms wiping away the tears.

Was she crying? She didn't realise it.

"I am not crying".

"Okay", then he was pulling her closer, hugging her in the most natural way. As if they had never fought and never been angry at each other, "You don't have to let your mom get to you".

"You know how she is". He knew that. A home body all her life, she had a difficult time letting her only daughter go. In a way Tia held on to her parents the same way. Had they not fought about it several times?

"You had this much in London, last time we went clubbing".

"I went clubbing. You just followed me".

He laughed and looked into her eyes, "You looked ravishing in that black dress. And heels. Who can forget the heels!"

"You pervert! You always had a thing for women in high heels", she could laugh now, his embrace felt comforting.

"You know what? I will help you move in".

"There's a great one bedroom flat thats empty in my building".

She frowned at him, "In your building. That will cost me a bomb", she knew that he has been earning well in that software company. Earning more then her with the trips he kept taking abroad, "And I just want something simple".

"Move in with me. I have a three bed apartment and its just wasting away", when she didn't answer he insisted, "We could get back to practising music again. remember how much you loved though peppy numbers on guitar?"

"You are a better singer than me", she admitted and the memories started warming her up, "I will think about it".

"It will be cheaper you know", he grinned innocently, "Since you just have to pay minimal rent".

"Okay okay...tomorrow I'll tell you. My mom will kill me if she knows that I am living with you".

"As friends", he added quickly and let her go. Suddenly everything seemed so bright and beautiful.

The music got loud outside and he felt like dancing on a tune or two. His plan was coming to form. 

(To be continued...)
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