Friday, January 29, 2016

How I found my way through Venice?

One of the most amazing part of getting lost in a city is finding your way again and just not think of the consequence. We had such experience in Venice. True, its of the places that would loose you, the alleys are like a maze that will stun you and make you want to just carry a guide with you. But if you have your phone charged and your map set right you could find your way right in- thats how navigation will help you despite of being lost in a new city. And when you have a fauji husband who can read maps like a pro, you will thank your stars for the right decision you made to marry him. And the best thing you could do is saving the maps from all over the cities you have visited. Who knows you would have to go back again in future? Or the next day.
The private boat of a resident

It was getting late in the evening and I was worried about loosing the last bus home and then hunger pangs stuck. The super market in Venice was serving fried chicken and we bought wine to go with it. As we sat by the water and watching the Ferry bus coming to pick up people, I for once felt at peace sitting and not walking for once. We took some pics, sat and talked about our day. And being on vacation has its advantages. You really don't have to reach home on time. To have commitments of any other kinds. It was just the two of us and Venice. Is that why its called one of the most romantic destinations in the world? I found it amazing to be there though.

The beautiful City reflecting in the waters
We did pull out our feet up finally when the battery was going down and our power banks were giving up. And the streets of Italy are not the safest at nights so you just have to believe that you will be safe. And as the darker alleys got darker, we found a cafe with bling christmasy lights on and lots of customers enjoying live music. Thats the thing about Venice, you just find them on perpetual holiday. Every time you walked through the cobblerstone lanes, you knew that you will find it equally different and amazing. The map provided at the guide office was everyone's friend there since no one could hire or ride vehicle inside.

Anyway we we did find our way out. The bus was just ready to go and while I watched the city lights fading where I left the beautiful waters behind me, I just remembered to gather them like precious jewels where I can keep it in my heart forever.

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  1. Such a wonderful place to visit. All the pics are amazing. I also want to go there and i think first i need to learn the language so that i can do fully enjoy there. Thanks for sharing us.

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