Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 Horror Movies You Have to See!

There are some movies that you will love and some you just cannot seem to forget, especially when you watch it all alone. The impact of these movies linger and not in a good way. But you did score if you watched it and didn't scream once. Or have other techniques like lowering the volume and patting yourself in the back for bearing it. In fact I get a high watching the spooky movies, each and every nerve in my body alive, waiting for the inevitable but that never comes, does it. You are always leading towards the unheard, unseen.

Exorcism Of Emily Rose: This is one movie that has a lot of mixed views. One believes that there is God and then there is evil. Emily Rose was actually a woman who had seven kinds of evil inside her. She even spoke ancient evil languages which scared the hell out of everyone. The movie is going to same to you.

The Conjuring: Again based on a true story, The Conjuring is about a large family living in a haunted house which has a history of mothers killing their offsprings. The history based on the owner long ago loved her property so much couldn't bear to see others living on it. Now I did go through it and the woman now living in the house says that its all fiction and she doesn't feel any presence. How true that is, you just have to see the movie to believe.

Jezebel: What happens when you find videos made by your dead mother, tarot reading your future? Its just going to scare the hell out of you! A lonely woman who has nowhere to go but to a father who hated her mother are both going to find some secrets that you could never guess. Full marks for keeping the suspense on.

The Insidious 2: The first chapter was interesting and you get to see a family that has the devil capturing your soul and its good. But what I loved about the second part as the woman who keeps following the man. The history is interesting and the ore I read about crazy mothers, the more interesting it gets.

Shutter: When you are a newly married woman and in a new city, you do not expect things to be weird. But it is. And she finds a woman who keeps following them wherever they are. Then she finds the camera in her husband's box and sees horrifying truth which makes her leave her husband. What is it? Two of his partners are dead and murdered with unexplainable evidences.

I have made a small list of movies I loved and can watch again. But the first time you watch it will be the best experience of your life.

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  1. I am still to watch the first one; enjoyed the rest :)
    Loved The Conjuring the most and all the Insidious movies felt good :)

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