Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Impact of Ban in India

Lately I keep hearing the word 'Beef' a lot during conversations. I did know that there was a thing called Ham burger but never knew it was so freely consumed in India. Hence this time I am going to talk about how ridiculous I think it is to even think that one can ban something that 'some' people enjoy eating and hence its impact of a few (or many) I do not know the stats yet.

I lived in Manipur for a while and yes its the most beef consuming state. In fact they consume any animal since the state is not really a vegetarian. But i do not see cows anywhere. In fact i do not see dogs as well. Hush! The animals rights wouldn't want to hear that now, do they? Anyways I did have my share of meat- not beef because for some reason I think I do not need to consume one more species of animal. I have had my share of Rabbit, Pork, Chickens, Deer, Lamb, yes I am those kinds, i would eat it for taste and I do not mind it at all. In fact I think I prefer the greasy bacon any day to anything else. And then I went to London and I did see a lot of Ham burgers, a favourite among all and since I was just 22 at the time, I really wasn't much into experimenting. Now at 29 when I went to Europe which is a hell lot of gap, I did think about tasting the thing at least.

Didn't happen. The damn religious sentiments kept nagging me and I just needed to take a breather.

However, I think living at one of the highest beef consuming country, I never knew had given it a lot of thought. Then i watched the news, the outrage, the sloppy politicians making a point, the Youtubers going crazy with their views on it, The comedians who suddenly thought this is something young people would connect with and also laugh on- I frankly didn't care. Does it matter that I really do not have a care whether beef is consumable on or? Or why it is suddenly THE thing to have?

Apparently Muslims are one of the highest consumers of Beef. Or thought so. And I see them being targeted, shamed for having it. Now eating has also become a big question here. What our young leaders are learning from all the violence associated with it? They do not want COW (our scared animal) to be consumed. Then why not spare the other meats as well? Actually I see that happening in near future.

Anyway all i came to know that government is suddenly taking a stand for things that do not concern them. Religion? when was that important for Indians, except perhaps respect- live and let live? Secularism going down the dumps and we suddenly want to be 'Hindu' nation, which is just saying like 'we need to stop watching porn". Oh wait, we banned porn right? Yes, right!

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