Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Travel and It's Impact In My Life

I really do not have a lot of friends. Okay, I do not have a best-bestesy friend whom I can share all the stuff. That happened in college and seriously with kids and work and married to a soldier, all i have is for my son or writing. Yes, I do not have much time for others unless they make an effort to come and meet me which doesn't really happen. So as the saying goes,
"When you do not have a friend, travel to the ends of the earth"
I just made that up.

I cannot say that I have covered a lot of places in India but I have seen a lot of places than you. The farthest village to the poshest of village in Europe. Seriously I don't even know why they call it a village thats really better than the town. But I do admire the simplicity of our life. Why I call myself a traveller is because I don't just travel for a day or two in a year, I really use the airlines like a religion. If I got miles on it, i would definitely be eligible for a business class at least once in a year. But that's just a dream. Anyway I found that travelling has taught me so many things in life. Its impact has been tremendous. And my relationship with my partner has only gotten stronger.

Being in the Army doesn't entail a lot of money but the rich experiences cannot match any amount of that. I have come to love even a day out with my family in India where I click a lot of pictures and cherish the moments. Why wait for a holiday abroad to be happy, when all I want is right here? Of course travelling abroad, shows you another way of life that one should do for sure when you get there. Not what your travel agency would want to show you but things like- how you never got lost because your GPS was a lifesaver, How you always ended up having Cheese Margarita Pizza for dinner, How you picked up fruits and wine because you have been gorging on exotic food for a while and just wanted to save a few bucks, how you need to just find our way out from one city to another, How you just needed to follow the NAZI history because you just wanted to know so much, How you never missed your life in India because you just loved this way of life....

Oh, I love those memories. I think I am going to write more about it on my next post.

Anyways travel because it will be everything you need to know about life. Go till the ends of the earth, not for someone but yourself because all you need to do is show up. Be there for yourself.

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  1. Good to know we are from the same fraternity. Indeed, travel is the best perk of being married to a fauji. You write well!

  2. Your blog is very informative, planning for my first euro trip, I like your blog so much, it makes me want to go back to Europe even more! Very inspiring to all would-be travelers as well as aspiring bloggers like me! :)
    Planning a trip to Europe


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