Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Peppy Pastor- A Gay Love Story

Somewhere in New York, 2016

Pastor Eric had a lot in his mind. The day he started his sermon at this quaint village of Aniyada, he knew that something was wrong. That man, he reminded him of someone. And he had been having a lot of dreams that made him want to give up his calling. But then when he was poor, going days without food, he knew that this was the only way he could provide for his family. But his family was not something he could boast about. The money he got from the ministry was often spent like water. His sisters needed new dresses and his mother needed something for already decked up house. His father needed it for alcohol and he, who supposedly changed people's lives, couldn't change his family. What he did believe that, one day they will.

"You should find a nice girl and get married. People rely more on married pastors".
His mother always had these suggestions that didn't concern her. But then did she actually know what he wanted?

"You should know that you don't make sense mom. You know that I never want to get married".

But girls were flocking in his church. He got lame psychological monologues from teenagers, who batted their eyes more than they spoke. It was uncomfortable. The odd part was the he was not interested in women.

A fact that didn't scare him at all. Or shame him. All he knew that he loved one man all his life. The man who had made his heart flutter and when he died, cancer eating his body away, he knew that he could never be the same. Only God gave him solace.

And that was 18 years ago. He was 41 now and still good looking. If he wanted to find someone, he would. But the days went by slowly, and evenings his heart hurt.

Then he saw him. A young man, sitting with everyone, staring at him with devotion that he was so used to.

"Can I speak with you after sermon?"

Pastor Eric shivered. Half excited to see a familiar face and half scared that his dream would break.

"I do not have a free evening...I'll let you know when we can talk".

And just looking at him, he could find solace. And he looked so young. Hardly 18.

He shrugged and walked away.

Eric was known as a exuberant, peppy kind of a person. He knew how to raise someone's spirits and make them smile. He was happy to help, forget his sadness and that mattered.

"I know you have been avoiding me Pastor. But I really need to talk to you".

"Fine", it was uncomfortable and they walked into his office.

"I have a girlfriend".

Okay. That took time to digest.

"And we have vowed to wait know...".

Eris sat back, rubbing his forehead, "For sex? You are doing the right thing. Is that all?" he almost got up.

"No I mean, we want to. Its not like we are going to get married".

"At least you are honest. What do you want from me?"

"That you convince me not to. To wait?"

"Uh, yes...Umm..."

The young boy sat back, folded his hands, "You know your face looks familiar like I have seen your earlier. But I was always in this town. I don't know..."

We were friends, lovers, soul mates, Eric wanted to say. But he kept mum.

"You know sex is a weird thing. You want to do it for the heck of it. You know that its something everyone is doing and your girlfriend so hot that you can't keep your hands off but you also know that you need to do the right thing. So discuss. If you think you want to do it then know that you put your heart and soul to it. Because sex is just a physical thing. It will fade. The connection wouldn't".

"Your are right", the boy seemed reluctant to go, "Can I see you again?"

"Of course", Eric didn't want to know the details, "Use protection of course".

He did know that the young people were doing it, despite him saying its wrong before marriage. But it was better to advise it this way.

"You know you have a certain thing about you that makes me wanna break up with my girlfriend", the boy laughed. It was forced and he sounded scared.

"I am a man of God. And that's all i am ever going to be".

Eric watched him go. He knew that he was going to come back. Yet he knew that he was going to leave the city and apply for transfer.
Some love stories are meant to end.

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