Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 peppy and fun sitcoms to see now!

If you want to know, I do not have a social life when I am away from my husband. I enjoy being a loner, stick to my writing and actually not meet unless they make an effort. Which I know, no one does these days. But to have some fun and peppy sitcoms to watch at home can actually unwind you. So here is the list of sitcoms you should watch.

Impastor: You have this conman in a small town where he finds people who believes in him to be this God man that he really isn't and thats the fun part. Unintentionally he helps people with his weird quotes from the Bible that is really made up in his mind.

Mike And Molly: Mellisa McCarthy is obviously a hit among all. And this sitcom about her relationship with her husband's mother and her family is really so funny that you actually get her. She does look kind of fantastic even with a little weight. The guy who's the husband does a pretty great job with comedy and this is going to be my all time favourite.

Dr Ken: Remember the guy from Hangover movies series? well, you can find him here with an adorable family and guess what, he is a doctor from Korea only very American! I love this guy because his quips are just amazing! His quirky family is another feather in the hat which I must say- makes me laugh a lot.

Fresh Off The Boat: This Chinese family is going to make you happy and how? well they just have the most adorable parents. The mother wants to be very-Chinese and follow the traditions while the father is more chill, caring and wanting his wife to keep off his territory so that she could find another hobby than pin pointing mistakes of his employees. Their sons also have an amazing part. More like Wonder Years, reminded me a lot of the soap but still it has a good story.

Best Time with Neil Patrick Harris: Now if you miss your Barney then here he is with some really interesting...wait for it...Legen-dary quips on his show. He invites random people for stories, really heartfelt and gives them amazing prizes and gifts. He also invites a celebrity to host for one show and its great with some music adding to it.

These are a few shows I follow and I love it for show good it makes me feel. Anyway sitcoms should be fun and not very difficult to deal with. And I think there is nothing wrong in watching tv
I do watch thriller once in a while but then I can make another list for that. Do let me know if you watched any of these. Perhaps we could share notes.

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