Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pushkar- A Travel Monologue

Walking the streets of Pushkar

When you go to Ajmer and not going to Pushkar is almost like a crime! So well, you have to excuses of a day visit. Ajmer as it sounds is not to be visited in a day. You have places to see, things to do. Let me talk about Pushkar today though. A place that makes me want to stay there for a few days. It was in peak winters, December 2015, where I had to attend a cousin's wedding. The weather was absolutely amazing, coolness touching you cheeks and its not that windy anyway. As you read the ghats of Pushkar, you see a white skyscraper that makes you stand and gaze for a long time. Best part is the cafes surrounding the place where you can taste the local cuisine, LITHI COWKHI, DAL BHATI- flavours that will fill your mouth with more. A fantastico place to be really! You see the local folk Rajasthani songs played where you an just sit and listen for hours to the end. I did take a video. So here is a treat for your eyes. You can see me dancing as well.

You can see a lot of shops with handicrafts and silver jewellery tempting you on your way but you can strike a good bargain if you are good at it. And get a few pieces to carry home as a souvenir. The temples on the way are just a way too many so just visit the most important temple -THE BRAMHA TEMPLE which is just one in the world. If you know about the curse on BRAMHA- where he created the world, he also created woman. A woman who is supposed to be his daughter and she was so beautiful that he got tempted and wanted to marry her. Apparently Lord Shiva cursed him that he could never be worshipped because incest is the most sinful of all. A tale that I was told by a local there. The temple again, follows a path of so many shops that you would stop by. Also its so neat and clean that I was proud to be a Hindu that day. The Pandits didn't make a mess of the Mandir and wishes come true. So do wish for a better tolerant earth.

THE Guy who can sing and play!

Just kidding, ask something for yourself!

The drive from Ajmer is so worth going from. You will have an amazing time because be it with your partner or with your family. I had my parents over for two days and we did have an amazing family time together. Fortunately enough I have relatives in Ajmer so I plan to do some shopping next time. The silver is amazing and the designs are one of a kind. Do get them if you are there!

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  1. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures and detailed post on Pushkar, a town in the Ajmer district. With various beautiful places to visit in Pushkar ,in recent years it has become a popular destination for foreign tourists.

  2. People of Pushkar is well known for their sweet hospitality. You are right Debosmita Pushkar is not even famous destination for foreigners but also for local country man. But the most appropriate time to visit in Pushkar Fair. Colorful culture and Folk dance is heart of the Pushkar.

  3. This is most important information you are sharing on Pushkar. I am now bookmarking this site and will check back on this most useful resource of knowledge. It is pleasing to read and see and I found it all scintillating!


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