Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ranthambore- Tiger Reserve (Travelogue)

A short get away from Jaipur is Ranthambore. (Naam to suna hoga?

And we planned a trip to this little city that gave way to a different outlook of life. We were staying at this beautiful resort that was built like a palace. But with navigation we could find the place in time. Its right on the main road and you would be pleasantly surprised with the grandeur they have painted the place. And we spent quite some time exploring the place and it just made the experience even more beautiful. A tip: If you want to enjoy your holiday stay in a really good place. Spending a little extra doesn't hurt at all if you leave a happy person. We had dinner at the terrace overlooking the gardens and with great music in the background had the most scrumptious languid meal after a long time. The staff were really nice and since the dinner's in the restaurant, they didn't mind giving us a little extra attention. 
Amazing view from the terrace

Magic Show
Waiting for the Tiger
With family

Good time with friends

There was a free dance show- Rajasthani folk songs and a magic show thrown in with the package which was very interesting because my son loved it so much. The next morning we got ready to see the Ranthambore Fort which is very near to the Ramthanbore Tiger Reserve- supposed to be the hunting ground of the Royalty there. The fort has a well known Ganesh temple and the climb is not tiring at all. In fact its a great walking place, show and steady. Since we booked a gypsy for our ride inside the Tiger reserve, we had to leave early. 

I enjoyed quite a bit of drama when I entered the Tiger reserve.  There were supposed be four zones where there were atlas four tigers in each. We were pretty excited to make trip there hoping to capture it in my cameras. The drive in the open gypsy was a fun ride with a lot of dusty ground covering our way. But the weather was superb in December and chilly too but with enough excitement oozing through our veins, we just went ahead for this adventurous ride. We spotted a lot of deers and wild boars but the tiger was yet to come in our way. Two hours of searching we were a little disappointed and really couldn't see the possibility of finding any. The driver though was confident that we would. There were a lot of tourists though and some really with big scary camera equipments. We even stood by the lake near by for an hour, you really aren't allowed to get down from the gypsy. But we did have a great time together with friends and thats all that mattered then.  

There isn't anything you could shop in Ranthambore and if you really want some Rajasthani handicrafts, i would suggest you check out the local shops. However, why not just drive a little more and shop in Jaipur? Its just a two hour drive and actually enjoyable if you are with good company. 

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  1. Lovely pictures. The first picture is stunning.
    Great to read about your experience dear :)

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  3. Nice photos! Will visit the place one day when I am traveling through Rajasthan :)

  4. Do let me know if you want any details...would be happy to help :)

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  6. Really appreciable work done by you.You are very talented artist. Ranthambore is quite interesting place for visiting. I went there couple of times and fallen in love with this place.

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  7. Very nice article, glad to read. This is very informative. Images are very interesting. Many people come from Jaipur to Ranthambhore by road distance is 162 kilometre.

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