Saturday, January 30, 2016

10 foods every Bengali Loves

I am half bong, proud to be. I love the loud short tempered thinkers of my clan and I adore their way of celebrating life. My mom still wanted us to choose our own grooms and I really couldn't think about marrying one. Or I couldn't find one. No, I really do not regret the decision. All I wanted was a loving husband and thats the only religion of ours- LOVE. But my love for food never stops and I have a few favourites in the list.

Manshho bhaat (Lamb Curry): This dish is made in a light watery curry that will feel very rich despite being light. A favourite at home, we used to have them on sunday afternoons and what's best about it is the after taste it leaves. Bhaat is plain white rice.
Disclaimer: You will get addicted to it yumminess.

Machar Jhol (Fish Curry in Tamarind sauce): You know that fish soup that you heard so much about that tastes sour on the tongue but thats what great about the curry. Fish fired lightly before put in the sauce and mustard seeds. You got to have this one!

Aloo Poshtoh: (Mashed Potatoes) Potatoes thats boiled mixed with mustard oil, onions and green chillies. Its had with plain rice with a lot of gusto.

Zhinja Poshto: (Prawn curry) If you like the pawn curry with mustard oil and seeds then this a dish to try at least once.

Tamatar Mishti Chutney (Sweet n sour Tomato sauce) A dish served with almost anything, this homemade tomato sauce has spices with amazing versatility to eat with almost anything.

Paesh (Sweet dessert with rice)A favourite at the Durga Puja celebrations, this dessert is enjoyed hot in the end of khichidi.

Machher Muda (Fish head with Pumpkin) Fish head is supposed to be full of mercury, very good for the brain and thus mixed with sweet pumpkin,

Puchka (Pani puri or fried wheat with tamarind water) This is a famous snack of every Indian and if you want to get back to your peppy mood then this is the thing to have. It is filled with mashed potatoes and soar tamarind water which is also supposed to be a great digestive.

Aloo Dum (Potatoes curry) this is cooked slowly in the earthen pot with closed lid for hours where the floor lingers when you open it to eat.

Ghugni (dried white peas in curry) This was my mom's evening snack served us and we just love its aroma. It feels homely and very filling and healthy. Also served with puckhka.

I hope I did justice to what I know about the Bong dishes because even though I do not speak the language, it does hold special memories at Dida's house and I wouldn't mind these dishes any time of the day. And not only are they tasty, they also have health benefits where mustard oil actually benefits you more than vegetable oil.

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